5 Lessons Learned: Bags

What You Must Know About the Festival Fanny Pack There are some things that are really important to carry with you when you go out and when you would join such rave party or a summer music festival. If you are dancing the stress away and need your hands to be unencumbered what much better … Continue reading5 Lessons Learned: Bags

What You Must Know About the Festival Fanny Pack

There are some things that are really important to carry with you when you go out and when you would join such rave party or a summer music festival. If you are dancing the stress away and need your hands to be unencumbered what much better way to carry out the belongings than in the cool fanny pack. This is not just an old pack but you must know that there are many amazing designs that you can find and you will find them very stylish that suits any raver. There are variations which you could choose from. The shoulder straps could be a great way to keep the hands free. The best options that you can go for are the backpack styles and those fanny styled packs.

There are those furry critters which are a great version of the festival fanny pack and you will definitely love them. There are can be so many designs that you will find appealing but the critter items are able to speak the most excellent language. They are designed to appear like a tiny fur critter. This fanny pack has eyes and a mouth in which you could put any item that you need to safekeep. There are various colors that you will find too. Getting such pack is really a great option that you can have during the festival.

Unlike the other fashion accessories that you will be able to find, you would usually choose the purses based on their functionality. The sunglasses, the jewelry and the shoes are selected once the outfit is complete but the bag needs more thought. The occasion may call for a tote or a cute mini bag, no person would want to put everything in a mini-purse or go through such very big tote bag, this is the reason that you have to ensure that the bag matches with the contents.

An excellent thing that you will love with the fanny packs is being stylish. There is no need to get a fanny pack to hang lifelessly on the hip. You may actually get that stylish option which will add more style as well as personality to your outfit. You must know that the fanny packs may be fashion-forward. You may have those that are from the branded designers so that you can have something that appears stylish.

Also a great thing with the fanny pack is that they are actually gender neutral. This means that men can also go for the fanny packs. There are various compartments to be sure that there are a lot of secure areas where you can hold your items. What is also great about these bags is that they come in so many sizes.

Monsta Clothing Co Will Devote All of 2017 to Intensive Research and Development


LAKE CITY, Fla. — Monsta Clothing announced the company’s plan to double down on research and development throughout the rest of the year. This intense focus on R&D will help Monsta Clothing deliver even more of the ultra-functional, always-fashionable workout and competition gear that has made it so popular with bodybuilders and other athletes worldwide.

The company’s intensive development initiative will prevent it from attending this year’s Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio. However, fans and partners can catch up with Monsta Clothing at the 2017 Europa Expo to be held in Orlando on May 20 and 21. In addition, the company will once again host and sponsor the Monsta Clothing Company Classic bodybuilding championship in Lake City, with this year’s event to take place on April 29. Fans can keep up with these and other developments at the Monsta Clothing website at

“Just like our fans, we’re never satisfied with the status quo, so we’ve committed to making 2017 the year of our most intense and productive R&D yet,” said Monsta Clothing founder and owner Christian Cuadras, “We’ve got some incredible new designs in the pipeline already and many more ideas that are sure to turn out great. While we will miss catching up with everyone at the Arnold this year, we know the sacrifice is going to pay off for us all. We’ll be out in force at the Europa Expo in May, and we know that our own Monsta Classic competition in April is going to be another huge success. In the meantime, we invite everyone to stay up to date at where we’ll have plenty of exciting new products and developments to share throughout the year.”

Founded to create uncompromising bodybuilding clothing and accessories, Monsta Clothing has become one of the most trusted names in apparel among the world’s most demanding and committed athletes. With a wide range of gear catering to everything from powerlifting and mixed martial arts to relaxing and looking great after an intense workout, Monsta Clothing continually pushes the boundaries and breaks new ground, just as the company’s fans do in their own lives.

By focusing more intently than ever before on research and development through the rest of the year, Monsta Clothing will be able to conceive and produce even more innovative, exclusive products that help fans “Unleash the Beast.” Although the new R&D initiative will this year prevent the company from making its usual appearance at the Arnold, fans will have plenty of opportunities to stay in touch. With the 2017 Europa Expo and 2017 Monsta Clothing Company Classic competition not far off, Monsta Clothing representatives will be available at both events. Fans can also always stay up to date at the Monsta Clothing website at where the results of the company’s intensive R&D initiative will be appearing in the near future and throughout the year.

About Monsta Clothing Co:
With a huge, ever-expanding range of weightlifting, mixed martial arts, and workout clothes and accessories, Monsta Clothing combines uncompromising performance with designs that reflect the larger-than-life achievements and personalities of its fans.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/publicradio/news/read/33807760

Study: My Understanding of Jewelry

A Quick Guide to Designer Jewelry

There are many reasons as to why people get to look for jewelry, some of the reason might be so that they can look great, it is widely known that jewelry is a means of ensuring you can complement how it is that you are clothing, at times, it can be for collection purposes, this gets to happen most with designer jewelry, you will find that some will get to collect more than they use.

Getting to look for designer jewelry is always great, it is a means of making sure you can be unique and also you can know how it is that you can make use of the jewelry, therefore, before getting actually to shop, you will need to know of the designers, meaning, you need to conduct an assessment so that you can know of whom will be of help to you and also know of who will not.

When getting to conduct the assessment, the internet should be your first option when looking for information, it is ample and it will also be fast, this will be something which will work towards making sure that indeed you can know of the jewelry designers available and get to learn more about them, likewise, when looking for necklaces to be specific, you will find the best available and also know which designer to get yours from which will be an advantage.

Therefore, you need to ensure you can be attentive, meaning that you will have the chance of finding the best available designers, this means that you can get the best jewelry and there will be no time wasted when looking for it, you will have the means necessary for having it with you always.

When conducting the evaluation, eventually you will be able to find the best designer, this means that you will have the ability of looking for someone who will indeed be of help to you, this means that you do not have to change from products or designers, getting to stick with one makes sure that you will know of the product which you would like and also the best means to making sure that indeed you will be pleases.

More so, it is always great getting to know how it is that you would like to sue your jewelry, designer jewelry at times it can be something which you get to collect or even have to wear, no matter your choice, it is always great to know which will be for collection and which it is that you will get to wear, this will ensure that you can have tour collection well sorted.

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SoJourner Bags Kicks Off Store-Wide Sale on Stylish, Unique Fanny Packs


HOUSTON — SoJourner Bags announced a store-wide sale at the company’s e-commerce site at Available in a huge range of prints, woven finishes, and patterns, SoJourner Bags fanny packs all stand out in bright, colorful ways that match the personalities of those who love travel, music, and life. With the full line of fanny packs now discounted up to 50 percent on the SoJourner Bags e-commerce site at the accessories have never been more affordable. From simple solid colors or reflective silver and gold to woven tribal patterns and cheetah-style prints, every high-quality SoJourner Bags fanny pack is now deeply discounted for a limited time.

“We started this company with the goal of filling a real gap in the market, and we’re happy to say that the response has been incredibly enthusiastic and rewarding,” said SoJourner Bags representative Tyler Strauss, “There was a lot of unserved demand for fun, bright fanny packs, and we’ve had a great time coming up with exciting new designs for our growing legion of fans to enjoy. With our new, ongoing sale we’re going to help even more people discover how much we have to offer. From longtime favorites to our newest designs, we’ve slashed prices up to fifty percent. There’s never been a better time to stop by our site to have a look.”

Although some trace its history back to the fifteenth-century French accessory known as the “chatelaine,” the modern fanny pack first became widespread in the United States starting in the 1980s. Since then, the ups and downs for fanny packs have included becoming the butt of jokes on 1990s sitcoms like “Seinfeld” and being embodied in a $2,000 alligator-leather version highlighted in a 2011 Wall Street Journal report.

SoJourner Bags was founded to bring much-needed brightness and personality to an accessory of universally acknowledged usefulness. Meant to mesh with and enhance the lives of positive, active people, the company’s fanny packs cover a huge range of looks, with new designs releasing regularly. At the same time, SoJourner Bags also offer best-in-class functionality and durability, with top-quality materials and construction keeping contents safe, dry, and secure in even the toughest conditions.

With the full range of SoJourner Bags now on sale at shoppers will receive deep discounts on every order. A 90-day money-back guarantee on every purchase makes it easy to shop with confidence, with 99 percent of all orders being shipped within one business day.

About SoJourner Bags:
Combining rock-solid functionality and quality with unique, eye-catching style, SoJourner Bags fanny packs match your lifestyle, wherever you go and whatever you do.

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The 10 Best Resources For Options

High Class Jewelry.

Everybody enjoys having jewelry in their wardrobe, and not only a jewelry but a designer jewelry for that matter to look at his/ her best whatsoever. You will find jewelry all over the country and in almost each and every part of the town nearest to you, but a gemstone doesn’t come by so easily.

As opposed to the men, the ladies are the ones who are so much into jewelry because they appear more beautiful and more appealing wearing jewelry than the men, thus making the women the large customer market for the gemstone jewelry dealers. Many people who are found either shopping or window shopping at gemstone jewelry malls are the ladies and teenage girls because they are very close friends with jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry do not come by so easily, first of all, because they are very cheap to purchase, you will require sacrificing a measurable amount of cash from your bank account so as to have a gemstone jewelry. If you have a vision or a dream of having a gemstone jewelry, and you do not have enough money for that, then you will have to save the little you can afford for some time until the time it will be quite enough to buy a gemstone jewelry.

One of the things that make gemstone jewelry a bit expensive is because gemstones are very rare precious metals and to get them requires hard work and determination and also risking of the fetchers’ lives so as to get these rare metals. Compensation of the workers who work tirelessly to have a good end product of gemstone jewelry have to be done by the consumers of this product.

More work and more processing is done on the designer’s jewelry, thus making them the top number one jewelry in the entire world. Where gemstones are found on located is a remote area and areas not easily accessible and requires courage of many workers so as to attain them and take them for processing, to make the elegant end product.

Gemstone jewelry can be in the form of necklaces, engagement rings or wedding rings, hand bangles, bracelets among others, and when they are worn, they make the one wearing appear attractive and very appealing.

It is a proven fact that the majority of ladies hold gemstone jewelry or designer very dear and it is something they wish their partners can get for them on their special days such as their anniversary, birthday or even the wedding day.

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